The development strategy of the IZOBLOK Group is part of our mission which constitutes a point of reference for the activities we undertake.

Our goal is to create a global company, in which team knowledge, commitment
and experience considerably contribute to the development of the company's potential and to the increase of its value for shareholders. Full flexibility, quickness of operation and high quality standards allow us to fulfill the requirements and high demands of our customers, at the same time creating a foundation for mutually beneficial and long-standing relations.


Expansion on markets outside of Europe

IZOBLOK is a European leader in the manufacturing of expanded polypropylene (EPP) components for the automotive and logistics industry. The strategy adopted by the Group anticipates a geographical expansion onto markets outside of Europe within the next years in order to take advantage of the forecast dynamics of development to increase the material and non-material value of the Capital Group.

Creation of strong RD&D competences

IZOBLOK is consistently expanding its engineering team to meet the development needs regarding conceptual projects. Creating strong competences in the area of advanced design engineering will contribute to the increase of market competitiveness of the entire Group.

Taking advantage of the synergy effect

Full use of the potential of companies belonging to the IZOBLOK Capital Group at the product, manufacturing, sales and IT level is a goal set for the years to come.